Ch. 9 The Fields Converge

In the last paragraph in chapter nine Judy writes, “Just as you have prepared our species , you have prepared me for this moment in time”. In seminars that I give, I talk about the value of time. It is precious, we have only a limited amount of it and we need to make every segment of our time  count.

I have spent my time reading this book. In order to make the time I have spent reading valuable, I need to make it count. In this chapter, Judy asked me to pull everything together: The Christian Story, The Universe Story, The Kingdom of God, meditation, and intentions. Judy states that “We have all that we need: we must now become all that we can be”.

In my view, Judy is asking me to take all I have learned and to be all that I can be. She is asking me to know and believe that one person can make a difference. Just as one pebble dropped in the sea creates ripples that flow throughout with no boundaries, my life can also be that pebble.
In reading this chapter, it has become my moment of truth.

I will first of all look at my “dark side”. What is it about me that must change? What are the obstacles within that I know deep inside need to be removed? I know what they are; it’s time for them to be dealt with.

As I contemplate my “dark side” and let the light come through the cracks, I can go on to look at the challenges of our time. I want to be consciously present to the oneness of all that is. I want to be that pebble that is dropped into the sea, that small pebble that spreads love and compassion throughout. My purpose is to be a positive influence to the morphogenic field that is  informing and forming us so that maybe together we will become a huge ocean of love and compassion.

The thought for this week is to let it be a “moment of truth” for us all.

For those of you that are new to this blog, underneath the video is an opportunity to hit the comment tag. By opening the comment section, you can make a comment, see what others have commented upon or reply to a comment. I believe the comment section can help to us to connect our energies. If you get an opportunity go back to chapter 8 and view the wonderful comments.



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Ch. 8 The Power of Intention

As I sat in meditation this morning my theme was “intention”. I saw myself as nothing drifting through the universe, then I was a single cell, and as I floated though space more cells began to attach until I was me. This experience helped me to see how I was one and part of all creation. It helped me to see that as a created being, I am purposely and intentionality here for an apparent reason. I believe love is the reason in addition to a life’s purpose being revealed to me as I take part in co-creating with the universe. Out of nothing, to me and to being one with you.  If  you and I are one and part of the whole creation, how can I not have compassion, love, and a connection to all life?

My theme of intention then focused on two friends that were recently diagnosed with cancer.  I certainly care about these friends and my intention was to focus upon them. There was a change definitely occurring, but the change was within myself. It seemed that my love for them, my compassion for them, my total presence to their situation was awakened so that all within me was very alive. I found that all the energy within me of  love, compassion, and desire for healing was able to be sent their way.

The questions I asked of myself are:  how was I changed by my intention? Was anyone else or any thing changed?  I believe a connection occurred between my energy, the friends I am focused upon and the universal intelligence better known as “God”.  In my meditation, just as I saw myself as one cell floating through the universe becoming  trillions of cells and then becoming me, I could sense the “oneness” connection to those whom I focused upon.

If  others reading this can speak of how they believe intentions have a positive affect on all humankind and our planet, this is the time to share. If intentions can change and  affect for the good of all humankind and our planet, then we all have an important role. I am mindful of Judy’s encouraging words,    “May we use the gift of intentionality wisely, knowing that the resonance of our spirits impacts each and everyone we meet. May we resonate with love, helping to build a field of compassion that transforms the world”.

In addition to initiating intentions, Judy gave a talk in which she said we also need to receive intentions. While she was ill, people would say they were praying for her, sending positive energy and giving her many other wonderful messages. Judy made a conscious effort to absorb all the good intentions sent her way which she said truly transformed her life.

The message here is to be conscious in receiving and in sending our intentions. The action for this week is to send at least one positive, loving, life-giving intention.

Peace to all,


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Ch. 7 Meditation

I find Judy’s chapter on Meditation to be awesome. It is so complete, nothing to add. What I would like to do is reflect on what is inside of me , how meditation works in my life. First let me say it’s only been very recent that I have made a commitment to meditate so I’m certainly not qualified to write about techniques, Judy did a superb job of that.

A sentence that struck me in Chapter 7, “Sometimes our very own religious doctrines and beliefs, our own images of God, can hinder our experiences of the Holy”. I find that when I sit in quiet and as best I can, focus on the present moment, I begin to understand who I am. I experience consciousness, I begin to feel connected to all that is. It is in this setting that I realize my past explanation or comprehension of “The Holy” was much too small, much too inadequate. As I begin to sit in silence, as I focus only on the present, I realize the universal intelligence, the Creator of all cannot be comprehended, the Holy of Holy is like the Grand Canyon or any of the great mountains-incomprehenseable and unexplainable.

Today as I sat in silence, I did some breathing exercises and then choose my intension for this day. My intension was to focus on “oneness”. As I sat in the silence in the present moment, in meditation, I saw myself sitting above our planet looking down as an observer. I saw the busyness of people’s everyday life, very little time for silence as we all scurry around like squirrels looking for acorns. I thought, what if I could take time to meditate, leaving behind my hurried schedule  focusing on who I am  and my life’s purpose. Then I posed the question of how am I taking action and living out my life’s purpose.

I then instead of being the observer from on high began floating toward earth and as I approached our great planet, my body disintegrated and blended in to everyone and all that is, for that instant I was one with all.

I then reflected on oneness and my life’s purpose. Since Judy’s “form” has left, much of my energy has been focused on what I can do to make a difference in this life and in some way become more conscious of the present and who I am. As she writes in chapter 7, “meditation teaches us how to be present, first to ourselves and to God, and then to the whole world”. “Meditation is about becoming a witness, not attached to any particular sense of self, but simply learning to  mindfully observe that which arises and passes”.

In my meditation time, I seem to be able to get into the depths, the very inside of my being. In the quite of sitting in nothingness, I am able to “be”. I am able to be in touch with “oneness”. It is after my meditation time that I am the most creative and able to look at my life and constantly ask its life’s purpose and to what extent am I in concert with that purpose.

The question this week would be, what can you tell us about meditation and how does it impact your life.

In addition to a video this week I have chosen the writing of Dick Rauscher, please follow this link to ” Discover Your Life Purpose and Re-Write A New Life-Story.”

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Ch.6 Emerging Capacities

Wow! This is an interesting chapter as it describes the evolution in terms of how I process and encounter what I perceive to be real. It describes different stages of conscious development. I would like to say my goal is to reach the unitive stage but in reality it really doesn’t really matter as Judy writes, wherever I am at this point in time is the right stage.

So where am I, I ask myself. I will try to relate my story in the context of  conscious evolution and see if it makes any sense. Before I lost Judy( her physical self), I believe my ego dominated who I was. My ego led me to believe that I was separate from all that is, I was not connected to the whole, I was not connected to the universe. So, really, my ego self led me and I lived in  those illusions. Can you imagine that?

It was some weeks after Judy left, that I began to read and search the depth of her  work and review the work of all the wonderful authors available in her study. You can imagine the list, Marx Hubbard, Swimme, Tolle, Rupp, O’Murchu, Berry,Wilber, Rahner …..on and on.

So, in reading Judy’s books and listening to different talks she had given along with studying some of her favorite authors (of course I have a long way to go) I believe my consciousness began to awaken. In Echart Tolle’s  book, The New Earth, he said sometimes when a loved one is lost, “this can lead to a collapse of the ego, since ego is identification with form. When there is nothing to identify with anymore, who are you”? This is exactly what happened to me. For a very short time, my ego collapsed and I was open to a greater consciousness. I was open to find out who I was. I also believe Judy helped me to connect to her morphogenic field. When Judy was alive, I supported her so she could write and through her work become “awakened”. I believe Judy is now helping me so that I can awaken and evolve.

So how am I different? A difficult question but here is how I see it. I am now able to see things as the observer. When a thought or a problem comes up, I can look at it from an observers point of view and stay focused in the present moment. By staying in the present moment, my consciousness is aware of who I am and it is through this lens, not through my ego,  that I focus with a conscious presence. I now know that I am not separate from all that is but I am connected to all! This is a life transformation! By seeing things through this lens, a transformation has begun. I am now capable of moving forward in the evolving process.

Again, I am not a writer, nor an expert, I am merely a person who realizes that our planet is evolving to something greater than it now is and I am a part of what is evolving, I can choose to co-create in concert with the universal intelligence  in this process of evolution.

The question this week is: what do you see as emerging capacities in your life.

These are some of my thoughts, very interested in yours.

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Ch. 5 The “Kingdom of God”.

Judy writes in Chapter 5, ” Let the kingdom come into our hearts and into our hands, and help us to activate it in our lives through the choices we make and the relationships we enter”. She also writes,  “The “Kingdom of God” is  already within us, or we would be unable to imagine it”.

This morning I visited my father who is 94 years old and in a rehab center. I was sitting in a group of about 12 men and women whose average age was clearly close to 80. They were discussing a newspaper article about children. The comment was made that if our own children are in a crowd, we could always recognize their voice. The comment was also made that just as we can recognize our child’s voice, we need to be able to recognize our creator’s voice. I thought about the simplicity of this statement and related it to this chapter.

To hear the voice of the Creator, I must show up and actively participate in becoming more conscious. If the “Kingdom of God”is here already, I must be an active participant in my own evolution. I must set aside time to contemplate love, for that is our origin, it is what we come from.

If I/we love, the morphogenic field will resonate with love and changes will occur. Our planet will become a better place. I observed today a march on Wall Street in the USA. It’s a movement beginning from the ground, up. It is about greed and inequality, it is about a need for change, it is about evolving out of love to something that is more inclusive and fair. Maybe it’s even better than we could ever believe but not better than we could imagine for it is through our imaginations that change can occur and evolution prevail.

I can imagine a world that doesn’t need money or the need to gain wealth. What if everyone shared their talent, not for financial gain but for the fact that they were just able to make a difference. What if these shared talents provided enough food, medical care, technology advances, and all needs to benefit all in an equal way. What if we were not divided by country, race or religion but were instead connected by the belief that we are all one, you are me and I am you. What if love was the center of all. This could be a glimpse of  “The Kingdom of Love”. It could be only scratching the surface of the possibilities of where love can take us.

I’m afraid I have allowed my imagination to get carried away. I would be interested in how others could allow their imaginations to get “carried away”.

I look forward to your thoughts this week.


Phil Cannato


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Morphic Resonance : Two Stories Converge (CH. 4)

As I consider the uniting of the New Universe Story and the Christian Story, I see that in both stories evolution is taking place. We see through evidence of the Hubble Telescope that the universe is expanding and evolving. My question is: “What is our planet evolving to become and can we influence that evolving in any way?”

The Christian Story tells us that we were created in the Image of God. I can see that as a human race, we are continuing to evolve as evidenced by  peering through the lens of our history.

Now I look into my own life today. Judy, in her spirit, has delivered a message to me in which she told me that it was necessary for her to die so I could evolve and that she was needed elsewhere.  If Judy had not been taken, I would not be writing this blog, I would not have been touched by all the people who stated what an impact Judy had on their lives, I would not be on the journey of evolving to find the true essence of who I am.

So, as I see it, the New Universe Story and the Christian Story do resonate. In order for change to occur, there is first a death. It could be the death of a dream, a job, a hope, or a person. Then there is a birth and then there is an evolving. In Judy’s death, I have been birthed to a new life. I am aware of my own consciousness, and I am on the journey to discover my deeper purpose, a purpose that brings joy, enthusiasm, and a sense of co-creating with the spirit of all that is to create the reality of what I and all human kind is meant to be.

As I look at our world today, I see the old way of separateness, not all united as one. As we awaken, we see that the universe evolves and we evolve.  Consciousness comes in to being.  We begin to see not only the true essence of who we are but we see that all human kind is of the same essence.  We are one.  We are one with the ever-expanding universe which is who we are.  So if the universal intelligence called God in the Christian story is part of who we are, the essence of who we are is beginning to emerge and be experienced as the shift on our planet is taking place. Just as Jesus appeared and showed us a new way of life, we are becoming aware of our essence and this consciousness has the power to transform creation!  We are called upon, therefore, to be co-creators with that which is emerging.  We then must realize what a great honor we have been given to be alive  and to be a part of what is transpiring.

I see the expanding consciousness as that part of the spiritual intelligence that is guiding and directing all that is to help me and everyone  discover in one word-fulfillment. That is, discovering the essence of who we are.

The question I would pose this week is, “do we realize what an honor it is to be alive today and do we understand the responsibility placed before us?”

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Ch. 3 The Universe Story and Christian Story

The question that Judy often was asked was,” how does the Christian Story fit with the New Universe Story ; can they co exist?”  We know the Christian Story. The New Universe Story is simply the discipline that seeks to understand the ultimate questions: who we are, where did we come from and why are we here in light of what science has discovered. In Judy’s work , what intrigued her was that both the mystics of the Christian tradition and science seemed to indicate that we are all one, a  single inter – connected creation.  This then was the lens in which she viewed both the Christian Story and the New Universe Story  which made them compatible. Judy also poses the question, “what about Jesus?” She quotes Rahner ” The God-Man is the initial beginning and the definitive triumph of the movement of the world’s self transcendence into absolute closeness to the mystery of God.”  Jesus fits into what we are evolving towards. Jesus came to show us what a fully evolved human being is like-compassion and love, a huge step in the evolution process.

As I continue on in chapter 3, it is difficult for me to comprehend that not only does the universe continue to evolve but that I also continue to evolve. It’s hard for me to comprehend that all life, including mine has emerged from the same cosmic source and this emergence continues to unfold.

I have learned that I am being pressured from within to transcend, to become more than I am, more complete and more fully aware of my consciousness. I am looking forward to what Judy describes as an awakening! I need to look for ways Spirit is calling me to evolve. The New Universe Story has in  effect changed how I perceive my life and its possibilities.

I will end  with Judy’s words. ” Salvation, then in its fullest sense, is not about “me” or a very small “we,” but about the cosmos as a whole. It is about the entire cosmos in some mystery filled way coming to an awareness of  its own divinity in divinity. The clarity and finality of Christian truth lies in the inexorability of [humanity’s] deliverance into this mystery.”

The action plan for this week is to think about how we can intentionally become more conscious –  and participate in our own evolution. These are my thoughts, I look forward to yours.

The following is a link to quotations from Echart Tolle’s book, A New Earth. I was looking on you tube for an appropriate message to send to everyone. I viewed a few messages and then this one. When this audio was finished and right after it said “the end,” Judy’s web site appeared for no reason with her smiling face looking at me. This was apparently the one she wanted sent, but I was startled because there was no apparent reason Judy’s picture should have come up. It is a mystery. I thought you would all want to know that.

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