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Who Am I…..a story…

There once was a man who lived.  This person wasn’t rich nor poor. Throughout his life, he would always strive to have more. He had a family, raised children, bought a house and managed to have vacations. But…none of it … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

This blog began with the passing of my wife, Judy in 2011. Judy was a writer and the last book she published was called, Field of Compassion. I really had a difficult time understanding her works until after she passed.  … Continue reading

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What Judy Knew that I Didn’t and What She Taught Me Since She Left.

It is almost the two year anniversary of Judy’s departing. I would like to honor her with this transmission.   I would like to share my observation of Judy when she knew in her heart that she would not survive her illness. First … Continue reading

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From Inside (3)

The question I pose to myself is what is the life I am meant to live? Am I living it, and if not, why not. More important, what is the meaning of my life? To answer this question, I went … Continue reading

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