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What Judy Knew that I Didn’t and What She Taught Me Since She Left.

It is almost the two year anniversary of Judy’s departing. I would like to honor her with this transmission.   I would like to share my observation of Judy when she knew in her heart that she would not survive her illness. First … Continue reading

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From Inside (3)

The question I pose to myself is what is the life I am meant to live? Am I living it, and if not, why not. More important, what is the meaning of my life? To answer this question, I went … Continue reading

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From Inside

Over the past few months, I have taken time to go “within.” On occasion, I feel led to share with you what I have found. This is one of those times. The basic premise in Judy’s writings is that we … Continue reading

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To The Friends of Phil Cannato Blog

Dear Friends of Challenge of Transformation, I am going to put the next phase of this blog (discussing Radical Amazement) on hold indefinitely. I am personally going through a transition and I need to withdraw and spend more time “within”. I need … Continue reading

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Ch. 12 Engaging the Grace We Imagine

As you are all aware, it was as she was writing this chapter, that Judy was diagnosed with cancer. She wrote, ” As of right now, I find no comfort in any belief. What does sustain me is what I know to … Continue reading

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Ch. 11 Manifesting A Field of Compassion

As I write this on November 26th, Thanksgiving has come and gone. In my family we added a new tradition for this holiday. We lifted up and gave honor to all those family members who have come before us, shared … Continue reading

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Ch.10 A Field of Compassion

In chapter 10, Judy speaks of the new human. She writes; “Living out of the stance of witness is crucial, for it teaches us that we are not our thoughts or feelings or experiences-we are something far from beyond”. I think … Continue reading

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