What Judy Knew that I Didn’t and What She Taught Me Since She Left.

It is almost the two year anniversary of Judy’s departing. I would like to honor her with this transmission.   I would like to share my observation of Judy when she knew in her heart that she would not survive her illness. First let me say she was the most courageous person I have ever known….in many ways. And, again, this is my interpretation of her final weeks.   Judy knew that who she was-was more than her dying body.  She had a sign on our refrigerator that is still there. It reads, “To know ourselves has always been the greatest of all lessons. For, if we knew ourselves, we will know God. And in knowing God, we will become like God.”(St. Clement of Alexandria.) Even in her last weeks, she walked her talk. She stayed focused on the present moment. The present moment was all she had. In those last weeks she looked me in the eyes and told me she had begun her transition. So, her body was still here but her spirit was moving on to her next life. The divine spirit, her essence  was being allowed to soar.  It was being free from her physical body.

In her book, Field of Compassion, she stated,”Perhaps the most freeing insight that has come in the last few months is that it is helpful to throw away “beliefs.”  To me beliefs tend to be mental constructs, assertions about reality, not reality itself. My beliefs have tended to come from my head, not my heart.”  Think of what Judy is saying! Her time on earth is ending, she is looking death in the eye and realizes the most freeing exercise at this time in her life is to throw away old belief systems. She says her old beliefs came from her head and not her heart!

Since Jude’s departure, I have felt her spirit very deeply within myself. Since her physical leaving, she has brought people, books, dreams, and unexplainable inner knowledge that has transformed……..my old beliefs….. to a new awakening.

I, like Judy, used to see the divine, the “Holy Mystery”, God, as being something outside of me. But I now know the divinity is within me. In this realization, the truth has gone far from anything in the mind, IT LIVES IN THE HEART. Each morning I greet mother earth, father sky, I send my love, receive their love and then proceed into the heart. It is within the heart that I am one with all that is, it is within the heart that Jude has taught me lies the truth. The truth that sets us free, the truth that our divinity is within. This is what has transformed my life, it is the reality of truth. This is the love that Jude has shown to me. Ahaa moment, what greater love than this. Thanks Jude.

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to share my heart. The following video is a little different than usual but I believe it will awaken the heart and allow us all to “go within”.


Additional last minute thoughts: I feel a new vibration, a new energy that is penetrating our planet. For me there are two words that stand out, those two words are PURGE and RENEW. I am to purge out of me all the old energy, old dreams, old ideas, old addictions, and old thoughts. I am to renew within me: the new energy, new dreams, new ideas, and be open to new relationships. For me, my higher self is telling me this is it! An opportunity to tap into the new energy and all I need to do is allow it to happen. Dream it, see it, and allow it to happen!

The last few days have been remarkable. I feel that my higher self is guiding me to engage in my work outs as a purging ritual.  I am learning to see the sweat that runs out of me as a sign of me purging my “old ways” to make room for the new. I am welcoming this cleansing ritual.   It was actually a personal ceremony. Some of you may want to have your own personal ceremony, where you purge out the old and allow in the new. It is a very exhilarating experience.

I have really rambled on, please know that I am sending out good energy to all. I invite you to take ten minutes of quiet to watch the video below. It can lead you to the truth in your heart. I welcome your comments to this blog site as they will help others in their journey.

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2 Responses to What Judy Knew that I Didn’t and What She Taught Me Since She Left.

  1. Kathy Kroll says:


    A few weeks ago I had brunch with a Sister of St. Joseph from Holyoke MA. We have been friends for 40 years and get together once a year to celebrate our birthdays. After the brunch we stopped at her office because she wanted to share some DVDs and books with me. I was browsing in her library and came across Field of Compassion. I have been “munching” on each chapter and last night came to Chapter 12. Today I came to her website and your blog. Her book is exactly what I need in my life right now and I want to share with you that Judy is inspiring my life right now through her words and insights. Thank you for sharing your journey. In connection and peace, Kathy Kroll

  2. I arrive here after meeting Judy through her miraculous book. I find you here, loving her still. I am so moved by you and by her. Thank you for this post and I thank Judy often, almost daily, as insights braid into my own. What a powerful teacher she still is. Bless you both.

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