From Inside

Over the past few months, I have taken time to go “within.” On occasion, I feel led to share with you what I have found. This is one of those times.

The basic premise in Judy’s writings is that we are all connected. We are connected to all life. As individuals we are all one, I am you and you are me, we are the universe. We are all life.  As I reflected upon this, I thought of my relationship with Judy and any relationships I will have in the future. I reflected upon the fact that I am the universe, but why can’t this reality come alive for me?  What makes me able to see the words but not realize who I truly am?

I went deep within my heart , as I believe the creator and the answer I seek are within me. I reflected upon our relationship (Judy’s and mine) and my relationship to the universe. I know that we are connected. I am one with the universe and  Judy’s spirit and my spirit are connected via our heart and our love.  There were times however that we didn’t see this connection; it’s like we were opposites. Our lives and paths didn’t seem to connect, we disagreed. So, I went deep within to understand why we experienced this sense of separation  when we were spiritually connected as “one”. Taking this a step further, I am connected to the universe, yet at times I feel the same disconnect.

I went deep within to my inner self, to my heart for understanding-I did not look for a book or an analyst, I went within. Here is what I understood.

The reason I didn’t always appreciate our connection, is because my ego was the block. My ego could not deal with the connection of spirits as it had enough just to handle one spirit-my spiritual self. The ego therefore needed to block the connection which my inner self calls the  “egoic brick syndrome”. The ego needed to block the connection between me and the universe. The ego cannot handle that I am the universe in person. So, the bricks went up one by one to create this wall of separation.

I went to my egoic self and sent my love to it. I explained that the game was over, there was no need for my ego to work at blocking the true self from all that it is. The bricks can come down.  I explained to the ego that it did not need to fear this change as we could now work in union, we could live together with this reality. This is a change occurring within me as the planetary shift is taking place.

For me it is important to understand what has kept me from understanding my connection to all that is and my connection to others. It is important to know that I can go deep within to answer all my life questions. By going within I am understanding who I am, who is Phil Cannato– unique and one with all that is. That is it for now. Lets see what transpires when we all go deep within to our hearts for understanding. It would be great to hear the answers to your questions as you go deep within.

On Saturday, June 30th, there will be a dedacation of the Judy Cannato Library at River’s Edge in Cleveland, Ohio. Before Judy left us, it was her wish that the books in her study be donated to River’s Edge so that others could benefit from them. For additional information you can go to:



Awakening of the Cosmic Heart

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