To The Friends of Phil Cannato Blog

Dear Friends of Challenge of Transformation,

I am going to put the next phase of this blog (discussing Radical Amazement) on hold indefinitely. I am personally going through a transition and I need to withdraw and spend more time “within”. I need to come home to my true self. Taking time to share Judy’s work with all of you has helped me tremendously. In doing so, it has changed the way I view life. I may be in the beginning stage of discovering who I am. Who is Phil Cannato? I need to find out who I am. This is my quest. I need to “awaken”.

By reading and discussing Judy’s work, it has opened new doors. I have begun to look into my heart to find who I am. Judy’s words told me more about her and what a tremendous woman she was, she was more than I ever knew.  She was  person who had “awakened”, her consciousness was expanding and above all, she knew who she was. Now, I need to “awaken,”discover who I am, express my own words and become expanded consciousness.  Judy was a gift to me. I now know that nothing is by chance, nothing is a coincidence. Judy was in my life to place me on the path to discover my identity, to discover who I am, to help me to “awaken”.

To do this, I am going deep into my heart. When I read, Living in the Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek his words, like those of Judy, helped me to walk this new path. It’s funny, I purchased this book about five years ago and it has been on the shelf  waiting for me.  I’m now ready.

I would like to end this session by sharing a recent meditation, I will do the best to recall and relate my thoughts from my meditation to you.

I sat and visualized one of my most treasured beautiful places, the Grand Canyon. After recalling its beauty, I sent my love to mother earth. I waited, and she sent her love back to me in the form of a dove. I then looked to the sky, saw in my mind’s eye, the galaxies and sent my love to Father Sky. I waited and felt the love of Father Sky coming back to me. I then felt my love as a small sphere within me, I took it down to the throat area and then to the heart. As I was in the heart I could feel it’s softness. It was warm and comfortable in the heart. Then, I walked through a chamber into a cave like structure. There was a fire going and gathered around the fire were tribal leaders from the Mayan, American Indian and Aborigine people. They placed me in the center and then laid their hands upon me. I could feel the love, warmth, and energy. I then moved to another chamberof the heart which was the tiny area where I originated, where all of life originated. I stayed there, bathed in love and  received a tiny part of who I am. I now know I can go into my heart and continue to discover who I am. I can continue to move deep “within”and know the true essence of who I am.

You now know my desire. It is to “awaken” from within.  I would ask you to send energy my way and in turn I will send awakening energy to you. Thank you for helping me to arrive at this juncture in my life.  I will be in touch with you when the time is right.

Again, my email address is:

I would love to hear from you.

Peace to all,


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3 Responses to To The Friends of Phil Cannato Blog

  1. Yippee, waking up is a fun choice. Can i boldy direct you to a resource that I wrote about in a blog piece last month. You might be interested in this direct pointing route to waking up. Big hug Phil. I have enjoyed your blog.

    • Sister Rose Therese Di Gregorio says:

      My dear Phil,

      I’ve never met you personally, but “our souls have touched”. Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers as you make this journey of “dying and resurrection.” Know that you are not alone, that I and hundreds of others will hold you in our hearts and prayers. I like to think of life using the “nesting” theory. We are part of the whole, individual, but one!
      Blessings, peace and love,
      Sister Rose Therese Di Gregorio OSF

  2. Ray says:

    No matter this response is so late and may not be seen. Sending energy your way, appreciative of Judy’s work and empathetic to your need to integrate so much input/insights from so many sources. FYI. both of Judy’s books were the focus of study and broad ranging discussion here in North Texas for the past two years, actually, and we just “completed” them. We are moving on to O’Murchu’s Adult Faith. now that we are radically amazed and more aware, I suppose. God be with you.

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