Ch.10 A Field of Compassion

In chapter 10, Judy speaks of the new human. She writes; “Living out of the stance of witness is crucial, for it teaches us that we are not our thoughts or feelings or experiences-we are something far from beyond”. I think what Judy is telling me is that I am not my form. I and you are much more. The meaning of being created in the image of God has changed for me since following Judy’s lead. I now tend to consider  that my consciousness is created in the image of God. That for me changes my role in life. What is not as important is: achievement, wealth accumulation, reaching goals, or striving for success. Those are pursuits in proving myself. They also focus on  the future. What is important for now is being myself by focusing on the present moment. I now perceive that by focusing on the present moment all else will fall into place. By focusing on the present, I am becoming more aware of consciousness, I am becoming more aware of God. Life is unfolding and life is contributing to making this planet a better place.  The new human, aware of its consciousness, is evolving. The Field Of Compassion is forming. Judy ends the chapter by stating; “Together we walk into a consciousness not yet mapped-but we know we can as one hold the whales and allow our energy to transform the world”.

The action for this week is to focus on the present and then allow life to unfold.

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5 Responses to Ch.10 A Field of Compassion

  1. Wonderful blog, a gentle leaning into the truth. The self that would “focus” on the present moment is the tricky part! The mind cannot experience the moment (or God) by focus or any other means but the witness self is the beginning of awakening fully, to the One Awareness that we are. Thanks for your lovely video clips, they really hit the mark.

    Lori Ann

  2. Laurie says:

    I loved this chapter, particularly the description of the “awakened” being. Judy’s text and the webcast you’re showing us – are a reminder to take an active role in the creative process. The mystical and prophetic emerge in our day to day actions. Perhaps it is evident to others, what is clear to me is that it’s not only about voicing our dreams for a more peaceful world. The process is going to take hard and dedicated work by me and others. Sometimes in seeing the developments of the Occupy movement, I think enough talk, now get back to doing something to improve the situation. Contact our elected representatives and keep them accountable and encourage them to listen to the other viewpoints, reduce our personal energy use on a day to day basis, consume less junk, favor the merchant who is local and still cares to give good after sales service, even though his prices might be higher, be models of forgiveness and love to our children, co-workers, etc. Daily opportunities present themselves to be leaders in the full sense of the word. I also think living the present involves more affirming others in the good actions that they do and helping them in the ways we can.

    So I want to start by thanking you, Phil, for offering your inspirational thoughts to this online community and keeping Judy’s vision alive.

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