Ch. 9 The Fields Converge

In the last paragraph in chapter nine Judy writes, “Just as you have prepared our species , you have prepared me for this moment in time”. In seminars that I give, I talk about the value of time. It is precious, we have only a limited amount of it and we need to make every segment of our time  count.

I have spent my time reading this book. In order to make the time I have spent reading valuable, I need to make it count. In this chapter, Judy asked me to pull everything together: The Christian Story, The Universe Story, The Kingdom of God, meditation, and intentions. Judy states that “We have all that we need: we must now become all that we can be”.

In my view, Judy is asking me to take all I have learned and to be all that I can be. She is asking me to know and believe that one person can make a difference. Just as one pebble dropped in the sea creates ripples that flow throughout with no boundaries, my life can also be that pebble.
In reading this chapter, it has become my moment of truth.

I will first of all look at my “dark side”. What is it about me that must change? What are the obstacles within that I know deep inside need to be removed? I know what they are; it’s time for them to be dealt with.

As I contemplate my “dark side” and let the light come through the cracks, I can go on to look at the challenges of our time. I want to be consciously present to the oneness of all that is. I want to be that pebble that is dropped into the sea, that small pebble that spreads love and compassion throughout. My purpose is to be a positive influence to the morphogenic field that is  informing and forming us so that maybe together we will become a huge ocean of love and compassion.

The thought for this week is to let it be a “moment of truth” for us all.

For those of you that are new to this blog, underneath the video is an opportunity to hit the comment tag. By opening the comment section, you can make a comment, see what others have commented upon or reply to a comment. I believe the comment section can help to us to connect our energies. If you get an opportunity go back to chapter 8 and view the wonderful comments.



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9 Responses to Ch. 9 The Fields Converge

  1. Clare says:

    This made me thing back to all of the times God prepared me for tough times ahead. Did not recognize it at the time, but afterwards was made powerfully aware of his abiding presence and the ways God makes known to us with many subtle ways and sometimes not so subtle ways, what is prepared for us – a taste of the banquet to come. And yes, the ripple effect so powerfully shown in the video, touched my heart in deep places of remembrance and thankfulness – that sometimes we just float in the tide of others’ presence in our lives – they lift and uphold us and bring us safely to shore. And I humbly ask, Lord help my tears of joy and sorrow become part of the pool of well-being for all who are suffering in big and little ways this day.

  2. Clare says:

    thing should be think – lol.

  3. Liz says:

    As always, I appreciate your honesty and humility, Phil. It propels us all to move forward and embrace our own truth. Isn’t it so good to remember how much of Universe is darkness and what potential lies in such mystery. Bless us all on the journey

  4. kimmanleyort says:

    The ripple effect is powerful indeed. It makes me think that if we operate out of our truest self, the ripple effect will automatically happen.

  5. Rose says:

    This chapter is so rich, so powerful, so complete that it seems superfluous even to attempt to comment on it. Personally, it resonates so intensely with my own way of being in this world that I find myself re-reading, relishing and underlining most of it! At the same time my “moment of truth” is that there is a big chasm between words on a page and actually using my freedom–(have you noticed the number of times Judy uses the word “freedom”?)–in order to join enthusiastically in the “energetic dance of life.” (Judy’s words) The beautiful video accompanied by the lovely Pachelbel Canon reminds me of the power of a personal “mantra” to be that pebble, creating powerful ripples of intention, reaching from those nearest and dearest around the whole cosmos.

  6. PJ says:

    I have read this post many times as well as Chapter 8. I sit and contemplate trying to absorb what it means and try to answer the question or to implement the final words that Phil leaves with us for the week. I have read this book all the way through and now with the blog I am reading it chapter by chapter. I find it difficult to understand but with the help of this blog I am understanding more and more. Judy and I use to discuss these things on a regular basis. I had expressed to her my yearning for a purpose and what could I do to find it, to find myself, to truly practice intentions, and true compassion. Now I feel lost and I so want to be able to act on what Judy writes about but in everyday life everything happens so quickly and I feel that I just dont realize that there was a moment to make a ripple…… and I missed it because I don’t live in the present moment. It is times like these that I miss Judy the most because I have so many questions for her and am in need of her insight and advice. At this time in my life I am ready to have some sort of path in all aspects of me. I am feeling very frustrated and becoming impatient, I would kind of like big bang to go off in me that screams this is what you are meant to do, this is who you are, so own it my “moment of truth”and then maybe I could just enjoy life in the present moment.

    • Rose says:

      Oh PJ, the authenticity of your post has touched me deeply and you have been in my heart since I read it last night. I think that “big bang” that you so long for has already gone off in you but you don’t quite realize it yet. So, I hope you continue to “live the questions” as Rilke says, and I am sure that Judy and all of us who are participating in these discussions wrap you in our loving, powerful intentions.

    • Betty Carpentier says:

      PJ, Thank you for this post. I, too, had read the book and now re-read it chapter by chapter. I am beginning to understand it better, as long as I don’t let myself get into the problem-solving mode of making a complete and clear outline of the thinking. For me it is a matter of holding the mystery and trusting that I am living in the grace of God’s self-communication. I find the prayers at the end of the chapters very meaningful.

  7. Betty Carpentier says:

    This chapter is for me a review of the book, calling me to sit with many of the concepts previously presented. Especially noteworthy for me is the first paragraph on p.148: “We live in a world of grace – God’s self-communication, the pouring out of God’s very self in and for the world.” As I worked with this chapter, I was drawn to re-read earlier parts and found in the last paragraph on p. 99: “the kind of human being who is able to cooperate with God’s self-communication in a way that is life-giving both to self and to the world, to all the holons of which we are a part. … our capacity to hold love, to allow ourselves to be conduits of love.”
    When I read the page in Ch. 9 on the four capacities of holons, the one that struck me was that on Self-adaptation with the question: “How do I connect with others?” How is that for synergy?

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