Ch. 8 The Power of Intention

As I sat in meditation this morning my theme was “intention”. I saw myself as nothing drifting through the universe, then I was a single cell, and as I floated though space more cells began to attach until I was me. This experience helped me to see how I was one and part of all creation. It helped me to see that as a created being, I am purposely and intentionality here for an apparent reason. I believe love is the reason in addition to a life’s purpose being revealed to me as I take part in co-creating with the universe. Out of nothing, to me and to being one with you.  If  you and I are one and part of the whole creation, how can I not have compassion, love, and a connection to all life?

My theme of intention then focused on two friends that were recently diagnosed with cancer.  I certainly care about these friends and my intention was to focus upon them. There was a change definitely occurring, but the change was within myself. It seemed that my love for them, my compassion for them, my total presence to their situation was awakened so that all within me was very alive. I found that all the energy within me of  love, compassion, and desire for healing was able to be sent their way.

The questions I asked of myself are:  how was I changed by my intention? Was anyone else or any thing changed?  I believe a connection occurred between my energy, the friends I am focused upon and the universal intelligence better known as “God”.  In my meditation, just as I saw myself as one cell floating through the universe becoming  trillions of cells and then becoming me, I could sense the “oneness” connection to those whom I focused upon.

If  others reading this can speak of how they believe intentions have a positive affect on all humankind and our planet, this is the time to share. If intentions can change and  affect for the good of all humankind and our planet, then we all have an important role. I am mindful of Judy’s encouraging words,    “May we use the gift of intentionality wisely, knowing that the resonance of our spirits impacts each and everyone we meet. May we resonate with love, helping to build a field of compassion that transforms the world”.

In addition to initiating intentions, Judy gave a talk in which she said we also need to receive intentions. While she was ill, people would say they were praying for her, sending positive energy and giving her many other wonderful messages. Judy made a conscious effort to absorb all the good intentions sent her way which she said truly transformed her life.

The message here is to be conscious in receiving and in sending our intentions. The action for this week is to send at least one positive, loving, life-giving intention.

Peace to all,


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13 Responses to Ch. 8 The Power of Intention

  1. Barbara Hanna says:

    Dear Phil,
    Your reflections are insightful, helpful and a joy to read. Often when I begin to meditate I feel Judy’s presence, her support, her love. What a gift she brings to us.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your reflections.
    Peace, Barbara

  2. Carmel Higgins says:

    Dear Phil!
    Your meditation on intention is truly beautiful! It gave me goosebumps! I personally will try to connect more positively with universal energy because of your sharing. I’m getting on in age and find myself frequently slipping into negative thoughts. I must remember, and meditate, on the fact that I am truly a part of a much grander reality. And try, through meditation, to trancend the lower case self to experience the grand Universal and united Self that we truly are. Thanks!


    • Barbara Hanna says:

      Dear Carmel,
      I don’t know if you’ll see this. I’m not sure how all this works but i will certainly hold you in my intentions. Thanks for your sharing. Peace, Barbara

  3. Clare says:

    My husband and two sons have died and the one remaining son has cut me out of his life in recent months. I am no longer physically welcome in his presence, but I try to meditate to send my love and compassion, so that he will be surrounded with a life force/energy that creates healing of his deep woundedness. My blessings and gifts are in abundance, but the thanksgiving day will be a lonely one – one that in the past – has been a happy time of being with family, however large or small it was. I am determined to find a way to celebrate all that I am thankful for, and perhaps just a long walk in the park, observing nature and taking plctures of all of the colorful leaves will be a way to celebrate the goodness that abounds. It is all about intention and so I will intentionally celebrate by watching the Macy’s Day Parade, sitting down to a lovely meal and then going for my long walk in the park. Thanks for reminding me – to keep my intentions positive and all will be well.

    • Phil Cannato says:

      Thanks for your sharing. I will do my best to send positive, loving intensions your way.

    • I so admire your willingness to send love and compassion to your son and hope you are able to find happiness in your Thanksgiving.

      • Barbara Hanna says:

        Dear Kim,
        You will be part of my intention for tomorrow. May you be surprised in many unexpected ways on Thanksgiving Day and after…Peace, Barbara

      • Clare says:

        Thanks for your compassion and wishes for positives of love and happiness in my life, for a dear friend invited me to spend the day with her – and her extended family. So I was able to spend the day with a large, harmonious group who enjoyed playing games (while we made room for dessert after huge meal). It was a very pleasing day – first time I have ever spent the day without another family member (my sibs were all out of town as well). They had cards which we filled out about thankfulness – and they were passed out read as part or our prayer before the meal. This friend also loves the outdoors and is an artist – and her beautiful yard and decorations made the day even lovelier. Phil, with this the first thanksgiving without Judy, hope you found reasons for joy in the midst of missing her presence with your family.

  4. Betty Carpentier says:

    First I am impresssed in the number of responses already posted or maybe by the personal nature of intention you have shared. I will also contribute my focus on holding these intentions among my own.
    Now what I have to share is not fully worked out, but an effort to seek your replies to something resonating with me as I read the chapter this morning. Two questions:
    1. How is Occupy Wall Street a sign of an emerging morphogenic field?
    2. What would happen if we focused on the intention of Congress producing a truly just and equitable budget by November 23? Or taking the necessary steps of give and take towards the Common Good of all so that in succeeding months we can produce a budget based on “liberty and justice for all”?

  5. Lynette says:

    I make this my intention for today, that there will be justice and liberty for all. i think we can form a circle of silence to keep this intention and give positive energy to people who are passionate about bringing justice for all.

  6. Rose says:

    One way I love to connect with the energy of the cosmos and to send out my intention of healing, positive energy, love and awe at the wonder and connectedness of everything and everyone in our universe is by my daily walk in nature. It is always a wonder-filled extension of my daily contemplation. During this season when the golden, brown and red leaves are falling from the trees and forming a lovely, crunchy carpet, I am aware of what Judy calls the four capacities of holons, particularly the fourth one–self dissolution. As I walk and listen to a magnificent Beethoven Symphony on my ipod, surrounded by such beauty of sound and sight, I am profoundly aware of my sister who is suffering from terminal cancer and is experiencing her own self-dissolution at this time. Truly, to quote Judy, “Life is wrapped in incomprehensible holy mystery and filled with grace.”

  7. Thanks, Phil, for your sharing, and thanks to all for the caring responses so far. I truly believe that our energy and actions and intentions do make a difference in the world. Phil, I was struck by what you said about your intentions for your friends, and how it changed you. That is so powerful.

    Today, I was reading about intention in another book – The Journey from the Center to the Page by Jeff Davis. He said that an intention is a conscious gesture to align your mind, heart, imagination, and body with whatever act you’re about to begin. And that it is important to remember to let go of the outcome. I think this is so important. Because there is a larger purpose, we may not see the outcome in the way we imagined.

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