Ch. 7 Meditation

I find Judy’s chapter on Meditation to be awesome. It is so complete, nothing to add. What I would like to do is reflect on what is inside of me , how meditation works in my life. First let me say it’s only been very recent that I have made a commitment to meditate so I’m certainly not qualified to write about techniques, Judy did a superb job of that.

A sentence that struck me in Chapter 7, “Sometimes our very own religious doctrines and beliefs, our own images of God, can hinder our experiences of the Holy”. I find that when I sit in quiet and as best I can, focus on the present moment, I begin to understand who I am. I experience consciousness, I begin to feel connected to all that is. It is in this setting that I realize my past explanation or comprehension of “The Holy” was much too small, much too inadequate. As I begin to sit in silence, as I focus only on the present, I realize the universal intelligence, the Creator of all cannot be comprehended, the Holy of Holy is like the Grand Canyon or any of the great mountains-incomprehenseable and unexplainable.

Today as I sat in silence, I did some breathing exercises and then choose my intension for this day. My intension was to focus on “oneness”. As I sat in the silence in the present moment, in meditation, I saw myself sitting above our planet looking down as an observer. I saw the busyness of people’s everyday life, very little time for silence as we all scurry around like squirrels looking for acorns. I thought, what if I could take time to meditate, leaving behind my hurried schedule  focusing on who I am  and my life’s purpose. Then I posed the question of how am I taking action and living out my life’s purpose.

I then instead of being the observer from on high began floating toward earth and as I approached our great planet, my body disintegrated and blended in to everyone and all that is, for that instant I was one with all.

I then reflected on oneness and my life’s purpose. Since Judy’s “form” has left, much of my energy has been focused on what I can do to make a difference in this life and in some way become more conscious of the present and who I am. As she writes in chapter 7, “meditation teaches us how to be present, first to ourselves and to God, and then to the whole world”. “Meditation is about becoming a witness, not attached to any particular sense of self, but simply learning to  mindfully observe that which arises and passes”.

In my meditation time, I seem to be able to get into the depths, the very inside of my being. In the quite of sitting in nothingness, I am able to “be”. I am able to be in touch with “oneness”. It is after my meditation time that I am the most creative and able to look at my life and constantly ask its life’s purpose and to what extent am I in concert with that purpose.

The question this week would be, what can you tell us about meditation and how does it impact your life.

In addition to a video this week I have chosen the writing of Dick Rauscher, please follow this link to ” Discover Your Life Purpose and Re-Write A New Life-Story.”

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4 Responses to Ch. 7 Meditation

  1. Marlene says:

    Meditation has brought an acceptance of where I am in my life along with a calmness that allows me to see and experience life in a much broader way. Though I’m not claiming to be “holy”, it is my hope to one day better understand and be closer to the Divine Creator. Judy’s writing touches me in such a profound way; opening my heart…………………….

  2. You are right, Phil, in that this is one of the best and most complete explanations of meditation that I have come across. While I still resist meditation at every turn (can’t seem to stick to a regular practice), even though I know how good it is for me, I do try to practice making that switch from letting go to letting come.

  3. Betty Carpentier says:

    “Emerging,” “co-creative,” “let come” rather than “let go” –these are some of the words that have struck me in this chapter. I am convinced that meditation is playing a significant role in my life, not because I can identify my manner of meditating and growth in the practice, but rather because I become more and more convinced that new life is emerging and I am on the way.
    One insight and call to a specific effort has to do with my struggle to accept mannerisms that strike me as “not right.” There is a specific case of something that comes from a sincere heart and intention to do good; my insight is to focus beyond the externals that annoy me to know better the inner love of this person.
    The prayers that conclude each chapter have all been helpful to me, including this one. I am so grateful from Judy’s gift to us and for these weeks of slowly focusing on one chapter at a time.

  4. Laurie Donze-Allen says:

    Meditation gives me more hope for the world, and the desire to be a healing agent at various levels, in my work and personal activities. It usually never fails, that when I feel conflicting priorities, taking the time to be still lets me set the better path. I am experiencing more an integration of my deep desires , with the choices I make. It has given me the courage to speak my truth, which has been difficult for me in the past. The workings of meditation are very subtle. I am becoming more aware of them, by journaling – which I have never consistently done in the past. Meditation is a subtle guide, letting me sense the right person to approach, and when – to express concerns which are on my heart. I find that I am much better at doing this when encouraged, within the fellowship of other people who meditate. A another difference in my life is that it makes me feel more connected to others and wanting to share with people of different cultures and faith traditions.

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