Ch.6 Emerging Capacities

Wow! This is an interesting chapter as it describes the evolution in terms of how I process and encounter what I perceive to be real. It describes different stages of conscious development. I would like to say my goal is to reach the unitive stage but in reality it really doesn’t really matter as Judy writes, wherever I am at this point in time is the right stage.

So where am I, I ask myself. I will try to relate my story in the context of  conscious evolution and see if it makes any sense. Before I lost Judy( her physical self), I believe my ego dominated who I was. My ego led me to believe that I was separate from all that is, I was not connected to the whole, I was not connected to the universe. So, really, my ego self led me and I lived in  those illusions. Can you imagine that?

It was some weeks after Judy left, that I began to read and search the depth of her  work and review the work of all the wonderful authors available in her study. You can imagine the list, Marx Hubbard, Swimme, Tolle, Rupp, O’Murchu, Berry,Wilber, Rahner …..on and on.

So, in reading Judy’s books and listening to different talks she had given along with studying some of her favorite authors (of course I have a long way to go) I believe my consciousness began to awaken. In Echart Tolle’s  book, The New Earth, he said sometimes when a loved one is lost, “this can lead to a collapse of the ego, since ego is identification with form. When there is nothing to identify with anymore, who are you”? This is exactly what happened to me. For a very short time, my ego collapsed and I was open to a greater consciousness. I was open to find out who I was. I also believe Judy helped me to connect to her morphogenic field. When Judy was alive, I supported her so she could write and through her work become “awakened”. I believe Judy is now helping me so that I can awaken and evolve.

So how am I different? A difficult question but here is how I see it. I am now able to see things as the observer. When a thought or a problem comes up, I can look at it from an observers point of view and stay focused in the present moment. By staying in the present moment, my consciousness is aware of who I am and it is through this lens, not through my ego,  that I focus with a conscious presence. I now know that I am not separate from all that is but I am connected to all! This is a life transformation! By seeing things through this lens, a transformation has begun. I am now capable of moving forward in the evolving process.

Again, I am not a writer, nor an expert, I am merely a person who realizes that our planet is evolving to something greater than it now is and I am a part of what is evolving, I can choose to co-create in concert with the universal intelligence  in this process of evolution.

The question this week is: what do you see as emerging capacities in your life.

These are some of my thoughts, very interested in yours.

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4 Responses to Ch.6 Emerging Capacities

  1. Julett says:

    With God,s grace, I am trying to leave behind the negatives aspects I am aware of in the world. If there is something I can do in a creative way to turn the negative in a positive direction, I am willing and open to that. But if I see that I am lacking in talents to implement this, I am working toward viewing it with love and compassion – and hope through this stance to still be a part of an evolving positive solution to destructive happenings I observe. It is kind of like a kything prayer – to send all of the love and compassionate energy I can muster toward that which needs healing in order to grow.

  2. Phil, thank you for sharing your experience of changing consciousness. It is clear that this is happening to you. I find it interesting what Eckhart Tolle said about losing a loved one causing a collapse of the ego. This seems like an opening to a new way of being.

    Judy helped me understand the emerging capacities in the world and in myself. Someone told me recently that I was at the unitive stage, but I don’t think so. It’s in my head, but hasn’t quite reached my heart. It’s all an evolution.

  3. PJ says:

    This chapter is difficult for me. It is hard to wrap my head around consciousness let alone the different stages. Everyday is a constant struggle to always stay in the present moment and the thought of detaching and being able to become the observer apart of the whole instead seeing myself as seperate will take some time.

  4. Betty Carpentier says:

    “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” It is nearly 50 years since I first heard this and knew it was meant for me. Somehow, although over the years I clearly identified my bent for mathematical type problems and finding the one right solution, I believe that I have just held the mystery without trying to solve it. Judy’s writings have been prominent in my moving from right-wrong judgments to radical amazement. What is emerging for me is a deep awareness that LOVE is central: being open to receive God’s love and giving it away.
    As with each of the earlier chapters, I find the prayer at the end of the chapter very helpful and meaningful.

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