Ch. 5 The “Kingdom of God”.

Judy writes in Chapter 5, ” Let the kingdom come into our hearts and into our hands, and help us to activate it in our lives through the choices we make and the relationships we enter”. She also writes,  “The “Kingdom of God” is  already within us, or we would be unable to imagine it”.

This morning I visited my father who is 94 years old and in a rehab center. I was sitting in a group of about 12 men and women whose average age was clearly close to 80. They were discussing a newspaper article about children. The comment was made that if our own children are in a crowd, we could always recognize their voice. The comment was also made that just as we can recognize our child’s voice, we need to be able to recognize our creator’s voice. I thought about the simplicity of this statement and related it to this chapter.

To hear the voice of the Creator, I must show up and actively participate in becoming more conscious. If the “Kingdom of God”is here already, I must be an active participant in my own evolution. I must set aside time to contemplate love, for that is our origin, it is what we come from.

If I/we love, the morphogenic field will resonate with love and changes will occur. Our planet will become a better place. I observed today a march on Wall Street in the USA. It’s a movement beginning from the ground, up. It is about greed and inequality, it is about a need for change, it is about evolving out of love to something that is more inclusive and fair. Maybe it’s even better than we could ever believe but not better than we could imagine for it is through our imaginations that change can occur and evolution prevail.

I can imagine a world that doesn’t need money or the need to gain wealth. What if everyone shared their talent, not for financial gain but for the fact that they were just able to make a difference. What if these shared talents provided enough food, medical care, technology advances, and all needs to benefit all in an equal way. What if we were not divided by country, race or religion but were instead connected by the belief that we are all one, you are me and I am you. What if love was the center of all. This could be a glimpse of  “The Kingdom of Love”. It could be only scratching the surface of the possibilities of where love can take us.

I’m afraid I have allowed my imagination to get carried away. I would be interested in how others could allow their imaginations to get “carried away”.

I look forward to your thoughts this week.


Phil Cannato


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4 Responses to Ch. 5 The “Kingdom of God”.

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  2. Barbara Hanna says:

    I do not believe you were carried away. I much prefer your kind of energy. So often I find good people working for good causes from a view of scarcity rather than abundance. Yes, i believe in a world where their is enough for all and that many people of all cultures are out there working to help us find ways to share our abundance and to do so in a way that enriches honors our earth.

  3. Betty Carpentier says:

    Phil began by quoting Judy’s prayer: “Let the kingdom come into our hearts and into our hands, and help us to activate it in our lives through the choices we make and the relationships we enter”. She also writes, “The ‘Kingdom of God’ is already within us, or we would be unable to imagine it”.
    This resonates with my own thoughts as I completed the re-reading of chapter 5. I want to add that I was struck particularly by the repetition of the statement in varying forms that the Kingdom is gift already given and that it must be accepted and acted upon.
    What challenges me is that acceptance will only be real if it is more imagination and heart than head. This pushes me to evolve especially the value and place of imagination i.e. let it “get carried away.”

  4. What a powerful video, Phil. I think it is calling us to use our imaginations, question everything (even our own long-held convictions), get carried away. It makes me wonder what Judy would be saying about the Occupy movement in relation to morphogenic fields.

    The Kingdom of Heaven is a favorite topic of discussion for me and I find Judy’s take on it particularly enlightening. She says, “It is in the earthly manifestation of the kingdom of God that the fullness of the Incarnation – as the place in history where divine communication and human acceptance meet – become a collective reality.” I do believe that Jesus’ mission is to become our own, through listening to divine communication in our own hearts, and acting on it.

    She goes on to quote John Fuellenbach. “What counts is people. Jesus’ interpretive key is compassion and justice, not holiness and purity.” This seems to be what the Occupy movement is about.

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