Morphic Resonance : Two Stories Converge (CH. 4)

As I consider the uniting of the New Universe Story and the Christian Story, I see that in both stories evolution is taking place. We see through evidence of the Hubble Telescope that the universe is expanding and evolving. My question is: “What is our planet evolving to become and can we influence that evolving in any way?”

The Christian Story tells us that we were created in the Image of God. I can see that as a human race, we are continuing to evolve as evidenced by  peering through the lens of our history.

Now I look into my own life today. Judy, in her spirit, has delivered a message to me in which she told me that it was necessary for her to die so I could evolve and that she was needed elsewhere.  If Judy had not been taken, I would not be writing this blog, I would not have been touched by all the people who stated what an impact Judy had on their lives, I would not be on the journey of evolving to find the true essence of who I am.

So, as I see it, the New Universe Story and the Christian Story do resonate. In order for change to occur, there is first a death. It could be the death of a dream, a job, a hope, or a person. Then there is a birth and then there is an evolving. In Judy’s death, I have been birthed to a new life. I am aware of my own consciousness, and I am on the journey to discover my deeper purpose, a purpose that brings joy, enthusiasm, and a sense of co-creating with the spirit of all that is to create the reality of what I and all human kind is meant to be.

As I look at our world today, I see the old way of separateness, not all united as one. As we awaken, we see that the universe evolves and we evolve.  Consciousness comes in to being.  We begin to see not only the true essence of who we are but we see that all human kind is of the same essence.  We are one.  We are one with the ever-expanding universe which is who we are.  So if the universal intelligence called God in the Christian story is part of who we are, the essence of who we are is beginning to emerge and be experienced as the shift on our planet is taking place. Just as Jesus appeared and showed us a new way of life, we are becoming aware of our essence and this consciousness has the power to transform creation!  We are called upon, therefore, to be co-creators with that which is emerging.  We then must realize what a great honor we have been given to be alive  and to be a part of what is transpiring.

I see the expanding consciousness as that part of the spiritual intelligence that is guiding and directing all that is to help me and everyone  discover in one word-fulfillment. That is, discovering the essence of who we are.

The question I would pose this week is, “do we realize what an honor it is to be alive today and do we understand the responsibility placed before us?”

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8 Responses to Morphic Resonance : Two Stories Converge (CH. 4)

  1. Terry says:

    Terry says:
    Saturday, I caught up on reading responses to previous chapters. Among the 6 responders to chapter 2 the concern regarding the destructive element of social media was raised. Then I saw on the news about the “Flash Robs” that have been occurring as a result of harmful use of social media.
    Please join me in holding all who are choosing to use social media fir harm especially the young as we create an immense Field of Compassion. (See last chapter and last page of Judy’s FIELD OF COMPASSION)

  2. Sister Rose Therese Di Gregorio OSF says:

    Phil, thanks again for bringing us together. As I was reading Chapter 4 and your comments, I realized that it was time for Judy to leave you (us) in this human life. In my opinion she accomplished her mission through her love of life, sharing God’s overwhelming creative love, energy by her books, retreats and lectures.. It was time for her to move on as she opened the curtain to new horizons and awaken us to find meaning, compassion and love in the here and now! I believe that she had a glimpse of God and was ready for the adventure of her “new life”. We believe what is revealed in scripture “…that eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, what is prepared for those who love God…” I believe that Judy is delighting in her new life and is with us in a new way, that someday we too will live. Judy has done her part to make this a better world and challenges us to do what is ours to do. Blessings and peace, Sister Rose Therese Di Gregorio OSF

  3. Barbara Hanna says:

    Dear Phil,
    When i wrote to Judy she always reminded me to stay in the present moment. The questions she had (mentioned in your first blog) are mine and can tend to make me question everything I do. is it enough, is it the right thing? These questions pull me fron the blessing that I am and to rejoice in this and to let God’s love energy do the rest.
    Thank you for your open sharing. It is helping me accept and understand her message.

  4. kimmanleyort says:

    I really appreciated Judy’s thoughtful exploration of personal and “original” sin in this chapter. Through Judy’s and other books on the Universe Story, I have experienced the awe and wonder that this world offers in each and every moment. To me, the conversation around sin, salvation, and redemption are expanding, evolving, and exciting.

    As for social media, I find it interesting that we talk about a web of interconnection and the Internet is called the web. While social media, like everything else, has potential for evil, the potential for positive connection is even greater. It’s all about how we choose to use it.

  5. PJ says:

    I agree that the internet can be used for great harm but imagine all of the potential it has to good and connect others with similar beliefs. The positive connection is what we all need to focus on. Just like our universe is evolving, humans are evolving, life is evolving, the way we communicate is also evolving. A lot of critics only see the negative effects of our technology but I would like to point out that like Judy uses an example of a magnet, you can’t have a positive field without it’s opposite of negative. There will always be the plus side of a battery and a minus side, you cannot have one without the other. I think that is the whole journey for us as a whole, to be able to recognize the difference and make the right decision.
    I think of Judy constantly and welcome her guidance for my spiritual awakening, I hope that like Phil I can also find my deeper purpose.

  6. Laurie says:

    I have been reading this chapter contemplatively, letting the richness of Judy’s words sink in over the past days and getting so much more out of it than with the first reading. Hence, this post is a bit “late” but I still want to share it with you.
    There’s a bit of resistance in me understanding the discussion of “original sin” . If we are bound by the collective choices made before us and their energetic fields, how could this not encompass all beings, right back to the first person?
    I read Judy’s explanation about suffering and death never making sense, with sadness — with hindsight of having read the book before – could it have been the Spirit imparting a wisdom to her body at the time she wrote this chapter – preparing her in a sense to be ready to enter into the passion of Christ? When I read to the end of the chapter, and integrate more the concept of matter being intimately connected with spirit – I know her physical body is gone but she is most certainly here in spirit. I welcomed this idea, as I dwell on the memories of my beloved departed ones.
    Finally – another aha moment came when she discussed the additional elements of the Christian story. I read those three pages and see a framework for where the Church should be headed to enable its members to grow in the fullness of life: a place where we listen deeply to others’ wisdom and seek the Spirit’s guidance. We create a mind-body-spirit integrity. A healthy body allows us to perceive the spiritual truths more fully and vice-versa. Thirdly, our churches will be places where we allow others to keep on questioning. Together we creatively discern what the Spirit is guiding us to love others and help bring them (and ourselves by the same token) to a freedom that permits ongoing development of the spiritual gifts.

  7. Rose says:

    In response to Sr. Rose above, I feel that people like Judy and John O’Donohue have obviously been living on the edge of the next world and their intense glimpses of it all have finally and gently “tipped them over” into the fullness of life. And therefore, even though I experienced great sadness at their passing, it is clear that many people, including me, have come to fully appreciate their influence only after they had left us. Thank you, Phil, for bringing Judy’s books to life for us again.

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