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Ch. 5 The “Kingdom of God”.

Judy writes in Chapter 5, ” Let the kingdom come into our hearts and into our hands, and help us to activate it in our lives through the choices we make and the relationships we enter”. She also writes,  “The “Kingdom of … Continue reading

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Morphic Resonance : Two Stories Converge (CH. 4)

As I consider the uniting of the New Universe Story and the Christian Story, I see that in both stories evolution is taking place. We see through evidence of the Hubble Telescope that the universe is expanding and evolving. My question is: “What … Continue reading

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Ch. 3 The Universe Story and Christian Story

The question that Judy often was asked was,” how does the Christian Story fit with the New Universe Story ; can they co exist?”  We know the Christian Story. The New Universe Story is simply the discipline that seeks to understand the ultimate questions: who we … Continue reading

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Morphogenic Fields (Chapter 2)

Morphogenic Fields:  A Reflection In this chapter, Judy writes “A difficulty we experience, however, is that the universe story is simply too big for us to hold and we need something a bit smaller to help us touch all the immensity … Continue reading

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