Chapter 1 – Significance of Story

As I have stated before, I am not a writer or an expert on the new cosmology. I am a person who understands in its simplest terms that something is taking place that I want to experience  .The beauty is that we are doing this together. As a  participant of this blog you can share your comments and insights helping us to evolve in the process. Whatever you share, others will see and they will be impacted. This will truly be a “connected” experience.

So where do we begin? In chapter one we see story is important.The Universe Story is about us  and we are evolving, transcending. In other words we have that capacity to go beyond, going from one level to the next. This is very exciting for me as I am  reaching and evolving to another higher  level of consciousness.

It is evident we all need to proceed to the next level of consciousness. Our past or current level has produced greed, war, pollution of our planet, (more people have been killed by other people than natural disasters), materialism, consumerism, basically the power to be destructive.

Chapter One tells us “the new emergent consciousness” is here. We simply need to learn how to activate the power we have in order to make the changes we need.

It is my wish for all of us that while participating as a connected group we will learn how to activate this power we all have and through this activation:  compassion, love, caring for others, and the healing and beauty of our beloved planet will evolve.

This week I would like to suggest that we sit in silence each day for minutes or moments and then bring up our image of what our new evolving world will look like. My image is of one heart full of love that calls all people within it.

Keep those images in your mind’s eye and feel free to send them along in the comment thread of this blog. It is the images we hold as a connected group that I believe will bear fruit. What thoughts came to your mind after reading chapter one?



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17 Responses to Chapter 1 – Significance of Story

  1. Harriet says:

    I am happy you are doing this. I, too, and a newcomer to the new universe story. My introduction was about 6 years ago and Judy’s first book was one of my great first finds.
    To me, story implies connection and our loss of stories mirrors our loss of connection. I have difficulty envisioning the future; I’m more of a left brained type so I look forward to comments from others to help me in this regard.
    Mostly, I see a time when we are no longer wary of others because they are “different”, but can rather see our likenesses.

  2. Betty Carpentier says:

    Thanks, Phil, for starting this “awakening” and for your own entry. My own image is LIGHT and it developed for me from Judy’s page on the meaning of the Incarnation in “Radical Amazement.” She compares the evolutionary leap when plants began to have chlorophyl so that the sun light, which had always by shining down, could be taken in and enable the plants to carry out photosynthesis; from that came major changes is the evolutionary process. In a parallel way, Jesus is a human who by being totally open to receive the LOVE of God, which had always been available to humans, bring about a leap in the evolutionary spiral.
    My image of LIGHT now centers especially on treetopss the are lit up is special ways as the sun first emerges at dawn or begins to disappear in the evening.

  3. carol says:

    so very inspiring!

  4. Julett says:

    The oneness of all creation in a continuous spiral of evolution awakens a need in me to stay focused on the big picture of who I am in God and who God is in me. Other relationships are important, but if I remain centered in a compassionate and loving creator – mother/father/sister/brother – that is in each of us, then I can image all as loving and in forgiving myself of my weaknesses, can forgive others of their weaknesses as I perceive them. Some evolve as loving creatures easier than others; this does not mean I am to be shunned for my weaknesses, but pulled along by others’ forgiveness, empathy and kind/lovingness. If I see love and compassion in all that I encounter, rather than dwell on projections of unkindness, then I stay centered on the essence rather than the exterior persona which sometimes seems offensive. As I have just begun this practice – it’s application has been very fruitful in keeping me in a more peaceful stance, even when I perceive offenses from others. I am coming to believe that no one means to offend – it must only be a manifestation of some deep wound they are experiencing. So I pray for healing for that woundedness, rather then waste time on obsessive, destructive thought patterns of the past.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Phil, for doing this. Judy’s presence lives on in this project of yours and in so many other ways. I don’t have a particular image, but what thrills me about the new universe story is that everyone, regardless of religion or lack thereof, race, nationality–or any of the things that now divide us, can claim this story as his or her own. This can be the basis for a new way of life for the human community, a way of life in harmony with nature, coming FROM the Earth rather than OVER the Earth.

  6. Sister Rose Therese Di Gregorio osf says:

    Phil, thank you and God bless you for inviting all of us to join you on this loving compassionate journey! We ARE ALL CONNECTED to one another as sisters and brothers. GOD’S LOVE is the glue that holds us together in the Field of Compassion! We give honor and glory to our Loving Creator when we reverence and respect one another. In John’s Gospel story he repeats over a hundred times: GOD IS LOVE. And he/she who abides in Love abides in God and God in him/her.
    As we journey together let’s pray for one another. We CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our fractured, fragile world. The balm of our kindness and compassion can heal our world! Judy quotes Bill Harris, founder of Centerpointe Research Institue, “Your brain takes whatever you focus on as an invitation to make it happen”.

    God Bless All of Us and give thanks for God’s Presence in our midst. God keep Judy in Your Loving Care as we remember and give thanks for her physical presence among us. I AM CONFIDENT THAT JUDY IS ENJOYING HER NEW LIFE and will continue to be with us in Spirit!

    Sister Rose Therese Di Gregorio, osf

  7. Audrey Stromberg says:

    Phil, what a beautiful way to remember your wife. I am certain she is pleased and her spirit is gladly here to guide us as we visit each chapter together. My faith sharing group has just started FIELD OF COMPASSION. Your blog is sure to inspire.

    This is my first experience reading one of Judy’s books, though I was introduced to the new creation story several years ago when attending a workshop by Mary Southard. Judy’s ideas are new and exciting and I must add, very thought provoking. Thank you for being by our side as we begin the work of creating this new morphogenic field of love.


  8. I do believe that we are on the edge of a new era in human consciousness and this is reflected in some of the chaos we see happening around the world today.

    I was struck by the phrase “the images that engage our imagination shape who we become.” Judy makes it clear in this chapter that what we do and imagine is important and shapes the future. For me, the story is about relationships – with ourselves, others, nature, and God.

    Responding with compassion and equanimity in each of these relationships is what I imagine and strive for.

  9. Jopet says:

    I too believe that a new consciousness is emerging in our world which allows us to realize our connectedness to each other, to the universe and to God.
    indeed, as Judy mentioned in chapter One, “we are always connected no matter what the spatial distance, and our slightest movements affect others’ as shown in the scientific experiments the ‘Butterfly Effect’ and the ‘Observer Effect’. This makes me more conscious of myself and how i relate to others as i realize how my thoughts, feelings and actions can affect others.
    I imagine a world conscious of this truth and a people compassionate and loving, caring for each other and the whole creation.

  10. Ray says:

    Well, jumping right in! I am interested in listening in on some of the insights people may bring here. It’s only fair I share something. A few dozen of us in North Texas meet regularly; for the past year we’ve read and are still discussing “the Cannato books.”
    Judy’s approach was pure gift, and we were ready for it. We felt assurance in following her lead in the direction of spiritual discovery.

    You invited us to reflect and share an image derived from Chapter One. Mine would challenge an illustrator like a Norman Rockwell: a very extended sun-lit country kitchen table. It is surrounded by the likes of Judy Cannato and her favorites like Tom Berry and Brian Swimm and company; and a whole lot of others more like my crowd—very animated retired and semi-retired homemakers, teachers, nurses, engineers, sales reps and checkout clerks, religious and former religious. Through the windows (emerging from the quantum vacuum?!) younger bodies and faces can be seen at play, some are coming up the walk to the kitchen door. The air would be a swirl of info, emotions, good humor and a wonderous multi-voice story in progress.

  11. PJ says:

    Judy was only in my life for a short time but she has profoundly made an impression in my heart forever. I cannot express how much of an inspiration she is and how grateful I am to have entered into such amazing family. The new consciousness is a very new concept to me and I am ready to embrace it, growing and learning with all of you. I thank Phil for starting us on this journey and the courage to explore the understanding of Judy’s beliefs. As I sat in silence and tried to envision an image of our new evolving world, I just saw children. Childrens faces and how impressionable they are. Their eyes are filled with hope and unconditional love. We all start out like that, with love for everyone, not judging anyone else because of how much money they have, where they live, what color their skin is, children just see another person because as children our stories are just beginning. Judy said in Chapter One that stories guide our cultures and social groupings. They focus our awareness, are foundational to our purpose, and help shape our meaning. They guide our moral choices and suggest how we enter into relationships. As adults maybe we need to make changes and adapt our stories to have a better acceptance of others in the world. Also as teachers we need to make the effort to ensure that when a child is born their stories are showered with love and acceptance of all.


  12. I am grateful for being part of Judy’s life story and know more than ever the gift of her sharing from inside the field of compassion, connection and creative love.. Judy’s gentle, profound and wise weaving of the new story is alluring, compelling and personal. It is the one story that allows us to know ourselves as one and as the Universe in person. Awesome! We need only awaken, awaken and deepen, deepen.

  13. Laurie says:

    What a privilege to meet you all through your wise postings. I too would delight in joining the meal with Judy and Thomas Berry (Thank you for introducing us to the beautiful clip, Phil.)
    When I first read Judy’s book, I planned to one day make a trek to the River’s Edge to meet her. It turns out, that instead, I am meeting her field of compassion: the friends and family whose lives were touched by her presence and abundant works.
    Excuse me all if I go back to the introduction, but the whale story was deeply touching. It brought me back to two occasions where, in the first instance I was offered the opportunity to be a “Nate” to someone – a prayer was shared with my young daughter as we left for church one Sunday morning. Suddenly the opportunity to do something about the situation materialized. The family up the street were dealing with the sudden passing of their son two nights before. The parents were walking hand in hand on the sidewalk behind our driveway. A prayer was uttered and they appeared. I felt I had to do something – the only thing that came to mind was to embrace them both. Words were difficult to find for such a situation.
    Another time I was the receiver of a loving “Nate”: feeling very frustrated with myself for an action I regretted, I waited at the bus stop. A young woman, an immigrant from the Philippines noticed the tears in my eyes and gave me a look full of compassion. She spoke kindly, gently greeting me with a smile. I felt so much better. We journeyed together for a while and shared stories.
    The memory of those two moments – the one where I received and the other where I gave – still touch me to this day. Today, they help me to formulate a vision for what an evolving world would comprise. It would be one in which every day, all people would choose to do these small acts of compassion – those requiring us to go outside our comfort level, to push sometimes past our laziness or a certain awkwardness – to give our loving attention to complete strangers or to assist others in situations of injustice or grief. This would heal the world one small action at a time.

  14. Amazing stuff, just Digged it

  15. Julett says:

    As I practiced sitting quietly each day, envisioning the world I would like to see evolve, one day a great pool of deep, blue water appeared. And a tear drop fell – one of compassion, and as it splashed into the pool – it rippled out. And as more tears of compassion fell, more circles appeared – rippling out – touching others in every widening circles. There was a great deal of peace imagining that scene. I would hope that all of our individual, heart felt tears of compassion cause a rippling effect that continues to spread into larger and larger circles – to spread throughout the waters of the universe.

  16. maria says:

    The image that comes for me is the one from the movie Avatar with all sitting around the Tree of Life. All are conencted with one anoather and with the earht, offering support, inspiration and even healing. The energy of Love not only surrounds them but moves from within the source of Life that embraces all..

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