Change of Perception

Recently my perception of God, Holy Mystery, Creator of the Universe, Spirit, has changed in a dramatic way. I used to see God as a person bigger and greater than me. A God who was seated above the clouds, looking down on creation. Creation, in my thought process, was pretty much limited to the planet earth in which I live although I realized there was space above me and other planets. God was a God of love but also a God of judgement. My body and thought was the essence of who I thought I was. This was the story that was meaningful to me, it was the story I had learned.

Very gradually I was introduced to another story “The New Cosmology, The New Universe Story”. Although this story is very new for me, as I have only held it since Judy left us. My perception of creation and who I am has changed. The story has changed and this change is transforming my life.

I realize that the Universe I live in is so much more than I could ever imagine. It is what I now see as a “New Miracle” in which I am connected  and have been connected to since even before I was conceived. I realize that my body and mind are not the essence who I am. I am much more. I realize that I am becoming more conscious and that there is a  pressure from within that pushes my essence that “I am” to become even more conscious, pushes me to evolve. As I evolve, the Universe evolves and as we evolve the Universe evolves.

I believe we can evolve, we can  become aware of our true self together. We can be involved in the shift that is taking place calling all humanity to become aware of our true essence.

For those of you who would like to join me, this is a reminder that the blog will begin on Saturday October 1st. My wife’s death has inspired me to carry on with the help of all of you who wish to tag along on this journey. I will be writing a blog centered on Judy’s book Field of Compassion. It will be a weekly event in which I and any one who wishes can tag along. We will read and discuss one chapter a week together. Together we will evolve. Again, this is a “we” event so feel free to comment  and also see what others have said.  To set the stage, I have found a short video which  has helped me to understand where I come from , I hope it will help you. Remember, this Saturday is the first day of the blog. I will enter my thoughts and all of you can respond to how the chapter has impacted you.


If you are having trouble viewing this video, please visit and search Archangel Sandalphon – DNA Awakening– Universal Consciousness.

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3 Responses to Change of Perception

  1. laura dulude says:

    I enter this event in prayerful manner, joining others who also seek to evolve in consciousness and growth in the God of the universe.

  2. laura dulude says:

    I enter this time in a spirit of prayer and awe joining others who will help me on this journey of acquiring a new consciousness

  3. Sister Kate Kanick,RSM says:

    I am grateful for this opportunity to continue my own searching journey for that experience of “oneness” with all that has life and is a blessing to participate in this with others.

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