Mary Southard Artist

The Header at the top of this Blog is by Mary Southard

Click the link below to see more of her work

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2 Responses to Mary Southard Artist

  1. Frances (Frankie) Barber says:

    Thank you so much! This website makes me feel connected again to Judy whom I never met, but feel as if I’ve known. I read “Radical Amazement” about 4 times when it first came out and gave many to others. “Field of Compassion” has changed me even more. I use it often for prayer and now discuss it with 2 book groups. We are truly one with all of God’s amazing creation.

  2. Julett says:

    I too was glad to see Phil’s link to Mary Southard Art. I have a print above my computer desk – it is her – “One Sacred Community.” I love glancing up at that reminding me of our connection with all – she has bits of the universe, evolution, nature, fire, spirit, people gathered around a table in community to share bread and wine, body and blood – it just radiates with the interconnectedness of all, with the Creator at the center.

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