While my wife Judy was alive, we each had our own career paths. Judy was a writer and I am in the retirement planning/investments field. Although we were in very different professions we supported and encouraged each other as best we could.

I had a basic understanding of what Judy was doing and had read her books but did not have complete understanding of her message. The turn came when Judy  lost her life to cancer. I began to receive emails from all across the country and in fact across the world, all of which sharing the same message, condolences to our family and how much Judy had impacted their lives . I was thoroughly touched, and it was a life changing event. I can’t explain it but in an instant I had a great desire and hunger to have a deeper understanding of Judy’s writing and what she was all about. What I do know is that Judy had unanswered questions about her life, beliefs, and what her purpose was. That’s when her search and writing began which resulted in her four published books.

What Judy believed with all of her heart is that we are all connected. We are all apart of something much greater than we could ever imagine. She lived her life in the same manner that her words flowed on paper…. living in the moment. Many of us are new to The New Universe Story but we know the basics and are drawn to know more.Beginning in a few weeks, this blog will be exploring Judy’s books chapter by chapter with open discussion for those who wish to participate . We will begin with Field of Compassion followed by Radical Amazement and will then continue with other well-known authors. Meetings will be held weekly and will include action plans to incorporate what we have read.

I am certainly not Judy nor an expert on this material, just a person who wants  to know I am connected to all that is, and to know within my heart the peace, joy, compassion, and love that the “holy mystery”  has for me. For all that would like to embark on this journey we will begin with Chapter 1 of Field of Compassion on Saturday, October 1st. For those who wish to participate, this is a “we” experience, we will evolve together. If you have any friends who would like to participate, please invite them. Each Saturday, they can enter the blog by returning here at or through Judy’s web page.

I have included a video for you to watch in which the words and music had special meaning for me. Please view it in that context.

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7 Responses to Introduction

  1. Kim says:

    Phil, first of all, let me tell you how sorry I am about Judy’s death. Your post here touched me deeply, mostly for your sincere desire to understand Judy and what she taught, and also because I believe my husband could have written it.

    I have read all of Judy’s books (and even written articles on them) and resonate deeply with her message. I do hope that you share your insights online as I would love to be part of the discussion.

  2. My deepest condolences to you Phil and the family.
    I was devastated to learn of Judy’s early death at a Spiritual Directors of Ontario conference a couple of months ago. I love her writing and felt she was friend. Delight in all her books which I bring into the Bookroom of St. John’s Convent, Toronto, as Bookroom Manager. Currently planning to share her ‘Radical Amazement’ with 25-30 women in a ‘Come and See’ series in October/11. I look forward to further blogs and sharing by you. With thanks.

  3. Jopet says:

    Dear Phil,
    I am from the Philippines and I’ve read the books of Judy. i was thinking of writing her a note to thank her for her writings that has resonated with me and impacted my life; but when i went to her website i found out that she just died. I felt deeply sad that i was not able to write her that note, but i know now she know it already from a different level. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I feel one with you and i am glad that I have this chance to express it to you and thank you for writing this blog.I certainly would like to hear more of your insights and would join the discussion whenever i have the chance.

  4. Lauren says:

    Phil, you are amazing! You have found a way to keep Judy’s Legacy alive. Her Greatest belief that “we are all connected” will shine here!

  5. Donna says:

    Thank you,Phil. I was profoundly enriched by Judy’s writings. I am sorry for your loss and hold you in prayer.

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