What Judy Knew that I Didn’t and What She Taught Me Since She Left.

It is almost the two year anniversary of Judy’s departing. I would like to honor her with this transmission.   I would like to share my observation of Judy when she knew in her heart that she would not survive her illness. First let me say she was the most courageous person I have ever known….in many ways. And, again, this is my interpretation of her final weeks.   Judy knew that who she was-was more than her dying body.  She had a sign on our refrigerator that is still there. It reads, “To know ourselves has always been the greatest of all lessons. For, if we knew ourselves, we will know God. And in knowing God, we will become like God.”(St. Clement of Alexandria.) Even in her last weeks, she walked her talk. She stayed focused on the present moment. The present moment was all she had. In those last weeks she looked me in the eyes and told me she had begun her transition. So, her body was still here but her spirit was moving on to her next life. The divine spirit, her essence  was being allowed to soar.  It was being free from her physical body.

In her book, Field of Compassion, she stated,”Perhaps the most freeing insight that has come in the last few months is that it is helpful to throw away “beliefs.”  To me beliefs tend to be mental constructs, assertions about reality, not reality itself. My beliefs have tended to come from my head, not my heart.”  Think of what Judy is saying! Her time on earth is ending, she is looking death in the eye and realizes the most freeing exercise at this time in her life is to throw away old belief systems. She says her old beliefs came from her head and not her heart!

Since Jude’s departure, I have felt her spirit very deeply within myself. Since her physical leaving, she has brought people, books, dreams, and unexplainable inner knowledge that has transformed……..my old beliefs….. to a new awakening.

I, like Judy, used to see the divine, the “Holy Mystery”, God, as being something outside of me. But I now know the divinity is within me. In this realization, the truth has gone far from anything in the mind, IT LIVES IN THE HEART. Each morning I greet mother earth, father sky, I send my love, receive their love and then proceed into the heart. It is within the heart that I am one with all that is, it is within the heart that Jude has taught me lies the truth. The truth that sets us free, the truth that our divinity is within. This is what has transformed my life, it is the reality of truth. This is the love that Jude has shown to me. Ahaa moment, what greater love than this. Thanks Jude.

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to share my heart. The following video is a little different than usual but I believe it will awaken the heart and allow us all to “go within”.


Additional last minute thoughts: I feel a new vibration, a new energy that is penetrating our planet. For me there are two words that stand out, those two words are PURGE and RENEW. I am to purge out of me all the old energy, old dreams, old ideas, old addictions, and old thoughts. I am to renew within me: the new energy, new dreams, new ideas, and be open to new relationships. For me, my higher self is telling me this is it! An opportunity to tap into the new energy and all I need to do is allow it to happen. Dream it, see it, and allow it to happen!

The last few days have been remarkable. I feel that my higher self is guiding me to engage in my work outs as a purging ritual.  I am learning to see the sweat that runs out of me as a sign of me purging my “old ways” to make room for the new. I am welcoming this cleansing ritual.   It was actually a personal ceremony. Some of you may want to have your own personal ceremony, where you purge out the old and allow in the new. It is a very exhilarating experience.

I have really rambled on, please know that I am sending out good energy to all. I invite you to take ten minutes of quiet to watch the video below. It can lead you to the truth in your heart. I welcome your comments to this blog site as they will help others in their journey.

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From Inside (3)

The question I pose to myself is what is the life I am meant to live? Am I living it, and if not, why not. More important, what is the meaning of my life? To answer this question, I went deep within, into my heart. This really gets to the core question: “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” Hard to believe, here I sit, 65 years young, and I am still asking my self this question. The difference is that now I know how to find the answer….the answer lies within.

As you know, I am not a writer, I am a journeyer who is just beginning to discover who I am.  It has been a little over a year since Judy’s physical body has left, but somehow her presence has been greatly present and it is hard to believe how my life and awareness of this life has expanded. I am an ordinary person like you on the journey of experiencing life and the present moment in a way that opens and expands the consciousness of the love that we are.

When I go within, I know that the creator of all,  or the essence of all I am lives within me. My question then is ” What is the purpose of my life?” Should I focus on job? Wealth. Relationships? Family? The aha moment! Love….I am love, the essence of who I am is love. So, what does that really mean? How does my life change, or does it change? The challenge of course is to put all this into words….how does one place love into words…I will go in and give it my best expression.

When I dig deep, really deep within, here is what I see and hear. I need to see this world, this human experience with new eyes, I need to realize that I am energy, and this energy can make a difference. It can be used or not used. I need to realize that my essence, the energy of who I am can change the planet..for good or not good. I am not a scientist, I don’t have a good understanding of energy, all I really know is that it can make things move, it is a force…wow…energy can expand and become powerful. So, what do I do with this energy, how can I activate it, how will it change the planet, how will I be affected?

I believe the way I activate love into the world is by first loving myself. I need to truly love me. How can I love anything or any other divine being if I cannot love myself. So, I will go quietly within and focus on loving Phil Cannato, love the love that I am.

In thinking of loving myself,  I was greatly impacted recently by a quote by the Dalai Lama. When asked what surprised  him most about humanity, he answered…. Man.

“Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived”.

Wow! That impacted me. I’m sure Judy made sure that I came across that quote. So, loving myself is part of living life. It’s about stripping away all the junk and in this present moment, in this next breath, enjoying me, who I am. It’s about love (who I am). It’s about feeling the spirit that’s trapped in this body, being connected to mother earth and father sky. It’s about seeing each person brought into my life with new eyes, seeing the wonderment of each of them. It’s about the miracle of being in the present moment. It’s about allowing the energy of love that lies within to manifest itself, allowing it to blossom, to expand and become a force. It’s about taking this life we have and “really living life fully.”

I believe that if each of us can go within, the result will be we will love ourselves and by loving ourself, that energy of love will penetrate mankind and change the planet. But, it all begins by each of us going with in, into the deepest part of who we are and LOVING who we are.



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From Inside

Over the past few months, I have taken time to go “within.” On occasion, I feel led to share with you what I have found. This is one of those times.

The basic premise in Judy’s writings is that we are all connected. We are connected to all life. As individuals we are all one, I am you and you are me, we are the universe. We are all life.  As I reflected upon this, I thought of my relationship with Judy and any relationships I will have in the future. I reflected upon the fact that I am the universe, but why can’t this reality come alive for me?  What makes me able to see the words but not realize who I truly am?

I went deep within my heart , as I believe the creator and the answer I seek are within me. I reflected upon our relationship (Judy’s and mine) and my relationship to the universe. I know that we are connected. I am one with the universe and  Judy’s spirit and my spirit are connected via our heart and our love.  There were times however that we didn’t see this connection; it’s like we were opposites. Our lives and paths didn’t seem to connect, we disagreed. So, I went deep within to understand why we experienced this sense of separation  when we were spiritually connected as “one”. Taking this a step further, I am connected to the universe, yet at times I feel the same disconnect.

I went deep within to my inner self, to my heart for understanding-I did not look for a book or an analyst, I went within. Here is what I understood.

The reason I didn’t always appreciate our connection, is because my ego was the block. My ego could not deal with the connection of spirits as it had enough just to handle one spirit-my spiritual self. The ego therefore needed to block the connection which my inner self calls the  “egoic brick syndrome”. The ego needed to block the connection between me and the universe. The ego cannot handle that I am the universe in person. So, the bricks went up one by one to create this wall of separation.

I went to my egoic self and sent my love to it. I explained that the game was over, there was no need for my ego to work at blocking the true self from all that it is. The bricks can come down.  I explained to the ego that it did not need to fear this change as we could now work in union, we could live together with this reality. This is a change occurring within me as the planetary shift is taking place.

For me it is important to understand what has kept me from understanding my connection to all that is and my connection to others. It is important to know that I can go deep within to answer all my life questions. By going within I am understanding who I am, who is Phil Cannato– unique and one with all that is. That is it for now. Lets see what transpires when we all go deep within to our hearts for understanding. It would be great to hear the answers to your questions as you go deep within.

On Saturday, June 30th, there will be a dedacation of the Judy Cannato Library at River’s Edge in Cleveland, Ohio. Before Judy left us, it was her wish that the books in her study be donated to River’s Edge so that others could benefit from them. For additional information you can go to: www.riversedgecleveland.com



Awakening of the Cosmic Heart

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To The Friends of Phil Cannato Blog

Dear Friends of Challenge of Transformation,

I am going to put the next phase of this blog (discussing Radical Amazement) on hold indefinitely. I am personally going through a transition and I need to withdraw and spend more time “within”. I need to come home to my true self. Taking time to share Judy’s work with all of you has helped me tremendously. In doing so, it has changed the way I view life. I may be in the beginning stage of discovering who I am. Who is Phil Cannato? I need to find out who I am. This is my quest. I need to “awaken”.

By reading and discussing Judy’s work, it has opened new doors. I have begun to look into my heart to find who I am. Judy’s words told me more about her and what a tremendous woman she was, she was more than I ever knew.  She was  person who had “awakened”, her consciousness was expanding and above all, she knew who she was. Now, I need to “awaken,”discover who I am, express my own words and become expanded consciousness.  Judy was a gift to me. I now know that nothing is by chance, nothing is a coincidence. Judy was in my life to place me on the path to discover my identity, to discover who I am, to help me to “awaken”.

To do this, I am going deep into my heart. When I read, Living in the Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek his words, like those of Judy, helped me to walk this new path. It’s funny, I purchased this book about five years ago and it has been on the shelf  waiting for me.  I’m now ready.

I would like to end this session by sharing a recent meditation, I will do the best to recall and relate my thoughts from my meditation to you.

I sat and visualized one of my most treasured beautiful places, the Grand Canyon. After recalling its beauty, I sent my love to mother earth. I waited, and she sent her love back to me in the form of a dove. I then looked to the sky, saw in my mind’s eye, the galaxies and sent my love to Father Sky. I waited and felt the love of Father Sky coming back to me. I then felt my love as a small sphere within me, I took it down to the throat area and then to the heart. As I was in the heart I could feel it’s softness. It was warm and comfortable in the heart. Then, I walked through a chamber into a cave like structure. There was a fire going and gathered around the fire were tribal leaders from the Mayan, American Indian and Aborigine people. They placed me in the center and then laid their hands upon me. I could feel the love, warmth, and energy. I then moved to another chamberof the heart which was the tiny area where I originated, where all of life originated. I stayed there, bathed in love and  received a tiny part of who I am. I now know I can go into my heart and continue to discover who I am. I can continue to move deep “within”and know the true essence of who I am.

You now know my desire. It is to “awaken” from within.  I would ask you to send energy my way and in turn I will send awakening energy to you. Thank you for helping me to arrive at this juncture in my life.  I will be in touch with you when the time is right.

Again, my email address is: Phil6249@aol.com

I would love to hear from you.

Peace to all,


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Ch. 12 Engaging the Grace We Imagine

As you are all aware, it was as she was writing this chapter, that Judy was diagnosed with cancer. She wrote, ” As of right now, I find no comfort in any belief. What does sustain me is what I know to be true- perhaps not the ultimate truth, but my truth, what I know in my heart. ” I know love, and love never seeks to separate or exclude. I know freedom, and freedom never lets ego and fear have the final say. I know I am not alone, that we are all connected in the web of life, and we feel the connection most powerfully when we operate within a Field of Compassion”.

As I witnessed Judy’s life, I can tell you that she loved what she did. She loved learning, she loved writing, and she loved being able to meet many of you as she traveled and gave workshops. What I also know is that she lived life to the fullest. In my observation , the spark in Judy came from knowing that all she needed to know came from within. The more she was “within”, the more of her consciousness expanded to a point she realized the true essence of who she was. Through the practice of meditation her consciousness expanded and she knew the amazing reality of which  she was a part and her connection to all that is. I experienced Judy’s mystic journey being alive with that reality.

Even with the diagnosis of cancer Judy was able to live in the moment. She was able to take the stance of witness, the ability to allow herself to be in the present moment and allow life to unfold.

Judy is asking me to look within to discover who I am and where  I came from, to what am I a part. She is asking me to take an active role in co-creating with the universe by also going “within” to know myself and the connection I have to all that is. She is asking me to live in the moment and allow life to unfold. A few weeks before her death, she looked me in the eye and told me her transition was in process. She told me to go out and live my life, to live life to the fullest. I believe she is asking all of us to find the true essence of who we are and to live life in the fullest.

Judy began her next book not knowing if she would ever finish it. She did not, but it was life-giving and she needed to try. It was going to be called The Quantum Mystic: Reflections on Being Human. In the first chapter she reflected on her diagnosis of cancer as a time when she had been holding on to the branch of life- and the branch gave away which placed her in a state of “free fall”. She wrote, “Those who choose to live life reflectively often look back at moments in life when their customary support gave way and they began a free-fall with nothing to cushion what appeared to be the inevitable impact. In retrospect these experiences are frequently the most grace-filled moments of life, birthing new insights and revealing emergent capacities that unleash life-giving energy and unprecedented creativity. Primary fear gives way to expanded consciousness and fearless empowerment. The dreadful dying gives over to an unexpected naissance, the rising up of a new consciousness that far surpasses the old”.

I believe Judy may want us to reflect on this paragraph. When did we have an experience of our “life holding branch” give way? How did it feel? What impact is it having on our lives?  I believe Jude was writing that paragraph for me as she has left and I have been clinging on as I am in “free fall”. I want you all to know that during first few months during “free fall” I was paralyzed. But, grace-filled moments arose, life changing energy arrived and with the grace of the Most Holy and Judy’s presence, I have taken steps on a new journey. I am beginning to look within to find myself and life again has begun to bloom.

This is the last chapter. I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to take this journey with you. Let me know your thoughts going forward. Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated. I am planning on beginning Radical Amazement the first Saturday in February, the 4th. My personal email address is: phil6249@aol.com

I will be sending a notice out that morning. This will give us all a chance to catch our breath and invite those who may want to follow this blog.

The action this week is to reflect on a time in our life when life’s branch gave way and we were in”free fall”. It would be interesting to hear all of these stories. I believe it would be uplifting.

I thought I was finished with this writing but today I felt Judy’s presence and there was more to the message. It may be time for some changes. Life is short and it will vanish as quick as a blink of an eye. But we are here and we have life today so lets do it, lets live life to the fullest. Think about what that means! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. It may be time to dream. It may be time to look at our life and become all that we dream. It may be time for all of us to wake up and yes, yes,  become who we are ment to be. Lets go for it! As we become the creation we were ment to be, the planet will respond and newness will arise. Before the year is out, lets look at our life, lets embrace the change what ever it might be. I heard a saying that said “champions are born and then unmade”. The message is , its time to go back to our birth, and see who we were ment to be. Once again, I look forward to a Radically Amazing year as we continue our journey in February.

Thank You,


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Ch. 11 Manifesting A Field of Compassion

As I write this on November 26th, Thanksgiving has come and gone. In my family we added a new tradition for this holiday. We lifted up and gave honor to all those family members who have come before us, shared their life with us, and have passed on. It was a beautiful witness.

This was my first Thanksgiving without Judy’s physical presence, however her spiritual presence was with me and has been with me in many ways. The Field of Compassion to me is about the connectivity that is present within our souls and the entire creation. The “field” to me,  is taken from the mystic stance that we are all connected as one creation. The morphogenic field of love is composed not only of our current energy field that we add too, but also from all those that have come before us and helped to lay the groundwork for who we are and what we have become. Now the baton has been passed on to us. We can take the stance to sit back and let things happen or take an active role by co-creating in concert with the  Holy Mystery. I believe we do this by connecting to the essence of who we are. But, before we can take the baton we must speak of love.

At the center of the “field” in my view is love. Judy says it so well, “God creates in order to give God’s self away in love”. She also writes, “We can glimpse the depth of love that fashions us, we can recognize where we came from, and we can respond by allowing love entry”. Allowing love entry is the difficult part.

Judy is asking me to receive the gift of love from all of you. She is telling me that in order to love, I must receive love. Why is this so difficult? Judy hits the nail on the head when she writes,” Receiving love brings us to a point of vulnerability. That is why it is so difficult”.  When we are able to receive love, love tells us who we are. For me, it is easier to run from love rather than to accept it. When I run, I am no longer vulnerable, and it keeps me from knowing the true essence of who I am . The ego has won out and love has lost. Judy, however, is asking me to be the receiver of love so that I can give love. She asks of me the question, how can I give what I have not received?

If I stop and think of all the people who have been in my life and have come into my life over the past months and who simply came to give love, it would be life changing. It has in fact been life changing. The “field” that Judy writes of is in fact love.  I believe in order for our evolving to manifest in a greater way, we must be willing to allow ourselves to be the receivers of love. We must look at the people who have entered our life and accept that we can open our heart to the vulnerability of being loved so we can become love. When we become love, the strength of that vibration reverberates through the entire planet. The love shines and radiates its  warmth.

The action for this week is to allow ourselves to become vulnerable, become aware of the love we are and effectively enhance the vibration of love over the universe.

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Ch.10 A Field of Compassion

In chapter 10, Judy speaks of the new human. She writes; “Living out of the stance of witness is crucial, for it teaches us that we are not our thoughts or feelings or experiences-we are something far from beyond”. I think what Judy is telling me is that I am not my form. I and you are much more. The meaning of being created in the image of God has changed for me since following Judy’s lead. I now tend to consider  that my consciousness is created in the image of God. That for me changes my role in life. What is not as important is: achievement, wealth accumulation, reaching goals, or striving for success. Those are pursuits in proving myself. They also focus on  the future. What is important for now is being myself by focusing on the present moment. I now perceive that by focusing on the present moment all else will fall into place. By focusing on the present, I am becoming more aware of consciousness, I am becoming more aware of God. Life is unfolding and life is contributing to making this planet a better place.  The new human, aware of its consciousness, is evolving. The Field Of Compassion is forming. Judy ends the chapter by stating; “Together we walk into a consciousness not yet mapped-but we know we can as one hold the whales and allow our energy to transform the world”.

The action for this week is to focus on the present and then allow life to unfold.

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